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Dan Newton

Founder and Creative Director

Hi I’m Dan, and I believe that talent, passion and hard work are essential for success, and you probably will too. I’ve spent 15 challenging, but amazing years in strategic leadership roles at iconic sports and lifestyle brands, where I have gained retail, wholesale and digital creative experience, all at a management level.

One of my strongest attributes is being marketplace aware and customer orientated. Whether you’re self employed, run your own small business, or you’re the marketing manager at a medium sized enterprise, I will research until I know your customers (almost) as well as you do. My creative input will be relevant, compelling and competitive – and if you don’t get results, I don’t get returning customers.

I’m also a good listener (which is helpful in this line of work) and I’m a stickler for getting the design and marketing content right for the short, medium and long term.

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Tracey Clarke

Chief Listener, Strategic Thinker and Decision Maker

Hello, I’m Tracey, and I believe that good old-fashioned direct and honest communication is where it’s at. Nothing too complicated and fancy. Know your customers, your competitors and create a relationship with your target market on a personal, online and offline level.

Everything you do as a business needs to creatively connect with your customers on an emotional level. Whether you are a product or service your brand needs to have a personality that reflects who you are.

I’ve worked with some well known brands, such as M & S, Boots, Vidal Sassoon, Scholl, both at product and service level. Along my journey I’ve produced business cards for new start ups and multi million pound TV advertising campaigns for major brands. The common thread is my down to earth approach to make your business successful no matter how big or small.

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We founded the company based on the ideal that we want to help local business’ fulfil their ambition. Consequently, whether it’s a graphic design, branding or marketing service you require, we have a tried and tested process.

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